To enhance peoples’ aquariums by offering premium quality fish foods, by mimicking the natural feeding habits of all aquatic fish species throughout an easily digestible diet.

  • NorthFin’s formulas

    Only the highest marine grade proteins and additives are used in all of NorthFin’s product line. NorthFin does not use any low grade ingredients or fillers. NorthFin Premium Fish Foods are artificial pigment free and has no added artificial hormones.

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  • Antarctic Krill

    Antarctic Krill is a type of shrimp-like marine invertebrate animal. Each krill consists of about 15% high-quality protein containing vital amino acids and about 3% fat and vitamins. It supplies minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and calcium. It is human consumption grade.

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  • High Omega-3 Herring Meal (Certified)

    About High Omega-3 Herring Meal is the highest grade fish meal. This Special Product has a higher concentration of DHA. Prepared from herring Clupea harengus (Atlantic herring). Freshly caught and frozen in minutes on well maintained Canadian ships, on arrival to port all catch is processed in around two hours.

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  • Whole Sardine Meal

    About The sardine is an ocean-going fish well known for travelling in large groups, or schools. The sardine is related to the herring, and sometimes small fish labelled as sardine is actually herring. The sardine is widely fished in the Pacific and Atlantic.

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  • Spirulina Pacifica

    About Spirulina is 100% natural and a highly nutritious micro water plant. It is packed with raw vegetable proteins, minerals and multi-vitamins. Spirulina improves the immune system and provides optimal health.

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  • Organic Kelp

    Kelp is a type of marine seaweed. Seaweeds come in three different colour varieties, red, green and brown. Kelp meal on average supplies around 60 minerals, 21 amino acids and 12 vitamins. Kelp also provides sources of nitrogen and potassium, micro-nutrients, carbohydrates and essential plant hormones.

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