About Us

Canadian Aquatic Feed Inc. is the first Canadian manufacturer of premium quality aquatic food pellets for ornamental fish.

The founder Darius Chodocinskas has been an aquatic specialist for over 30 years. Throughout his career, Darius has experimented with many different feeding formulas but was never satisfied with certain ingredients (fillers, artificial hormones and artificial pigments). He then decided to create NorthFin™, the first premium fish feed that consists of high quality easily digestible ingredients and is completely 100% filler, artificial hormone/ pigment free. Since then Canadian Aquatic Feed Inc. NorthFin™ products have set a new standard in the aquatic food industry.

Over the years Darius have been involved in different fish clubs in North America and Europe and participated in a lot of fish shows accumulating numerous Trophies, Plaques and Certificates including Best In Show, Best Cichlid and Best Catfish.